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Dear Internet:

Hi there. I'm Bill Murphy Jr., the guy behind Understandably..., which is a fairly new, daily email newsletter that I think you will totally love.

Every day, I send a group of cool things to your inbox: Short, original essays, quick news roundups, and a list of links I've found that are worth a click.

Sometimes I write books. Sometimes they're free for subscribers.

If you came here from Inc.com, welcome! I've been the #1 writer there for a while, with 2 or 3 million readers every month. That is an insane number, and it still blows my mind.

Other stuff: I'm a recovering lawyer, former Army JAG, author, ghostwriter, and entrepreneur. I was at The Washington Post (Bob Woodward's reporting assistant, plus a tour in Iraq as a foreign correspondent), and I've written or even been on staff at lots of other publications.

I live in New Jersey with my wife and daughter. Plus a cat that I'm allergic to, but that kind of came with the deal.  

Well, if you've read this far, it will be kind of awkward if you don't sign up for Understandably... I hope you'll check it out!


Bill Murphy Jr.

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